Setting goals and achieving them

It’s the beginning of the year, and almost everyone would have a set of goals that they would like to achieve this year. But how many will actually succeed in making sure […]

Tackling depression

Depression is not something that happens to a select few, everyone goes through depression in life. Some incidents of depression may be mild and some severe. Major depression definitely require […]

Not me, it’s him… The blame game

Some of you will be familiar with the game called ‘passing the ball’, it used to be a favorite at different family events during my childhood days, for those of you […]

Where’s my promotion?

This is one big question that pops up in everyone’s mind more than once in their career. This question basically originates from feelings such as “I am doing a great […]

Tackling a crisis at work

Crisis is a synonym of the job I do which is supply chain; both goes very much hand in hand. When you feel everything is going fine, some issue pops up […]