Its not time to give up, its time to put your best foot forward

There are times when you start to lose the battle with your mind, demotivation kicks in, and you move from a positive person to a totally negative person. The person who used to see the positive side of everything starts to vanish. Every day starts to become a xerox copy of the previous day, no memories to differentiate between the days, no achievements to relish, no sense of purpose, and you start to lose sense of time. Laziness becomes your second name, you start churning out excuses to keep doing what you are doing even though it yields no results, you start to blame anything and everything for your failures, and everyday you go deep and deep into the pit of depression. And you start to think where this is all going to take you? you start to wonder where you are headed.

But despite all these, there is someone inside you who is crying out for help, but that voice is muffled, and he is struggling to be heard, but he does want you to change. Someone inside you is silently but surely trying to re-assure you that, you can still salvage your life, that you can still put your life back on track, and that you haven’t strayed too far… But the negativity can be overwhelming, tiredness numbing, and laziness overshadowing every aspect of life. Creativity starts to slip away, books induce diarrhea, negative news on the internet becomes your daily dose of entertainment, and Netflix become your best friend to burn away your time, and keep depression at bay.

You weigh yourself and you realize you have weight issues, you start to lose breath walking 200 meters to office, you start to sweat like a pig climbing stairs, probably smell like one too. The most positive person you knew of seems to have vanished from your life, he is no where to be found. The person who wanted to achieve something in life, who wanted to be someone, who had goals, who had something to work towards, that person is running away from you at the speed of light. And you realize that you have to catch up… that you need to change your life.

How did I become worthless in my own eyes? When did that young ambitious guy fizzle away? Where is the fire within me? Why give up so easy? Questions start to haunt you during those sleepless nights when you try harder than ever to be in sync with the biological clock.

While lying in bed watching the ceiling, trying hard to catch up on sleep, you realize that it’s not the people around you who is putting you down, its you yourself pushing you towards the grave. Otherwise how can anyone control your mind without your permission? Why let the world put their garbage in the pristine garden of your mind? Why allow something so gross like that to happen? Probably it’s time to shut the gate to your garden, keep the garbage dumpers at bay, because you cannot afford to let people ruin your mind with their garbage.

Giving up is easy, fighting back is hard. You know this, and you know this very well, still you don’t lift a finger to fight back. Instead you whine, like a child who lost his toy, what are you trying to achieve with this? Collect sympathy like beads to wear around your neck? Does others sympathy help you to get to a better future? Does it help in anyway whatsoever? The answer is a resounding NO.

It’s time to stop the bad vibe, its time to start the fight. Pick the fight to the root of the problem, its time to stop whining, stop complaining, life will knock you down, not once but over and over, get up like a fighter and fight back. It’s easier to lie down and accept the failure, but its hard to get back up after each blow and put up a fight…. Put up the fight, not for others, but for yourself, so that later you can sleep sound knowing you did your best. Put up the fight of your life, show the best side of you, prove them wrong, let people bet against you and lose, show them you are the underdog who is out to win the game. Don’t accept failure, it doesn’t suit you, its not for you, you know it. You build this life so far on your own, brick by brick, what you are today is your own hard-work, you are self made , its no time to give up that title. It’s something to retain forever, its a keeper, keep it, and don’t lose it.

Today should be the day you mourn the death of the negative person in you, tomorrow should be a new dawn, where you herald the comeback of the champ… your best self.