Why I prefer to work with confident managers

Why confident managers? What difference does it make? Let me explain. Studies show that employed individuals spent on average 47 hours a week at work, so if you consider the working age to be between 21 and 60, then we spend approximately […]

Not me, it’s him… The blame game

Some of you will be familiar with the game called ‘passing the ball’, it used to be a favorite at different family events during my childhood days, for those of you who are not familiar with the game, it goes like […]

Where’s my promotion?

This is one big question that pops up in everyone’s mind more than once in their career. This question basically originates from feelings such as “I am doing a great job” or “I am putting a lot of extra effort” […]

Tackling a crisis at work

Crisis is a synonym of the job I do which is supply chain; both goes very much hand in hand. When you feel everything is going fine, some issue pops up from one of the many elements linking the supply chain […]