Can we be truly happy in this world?

Can we be truly happy in this world?

Happiness is not an external factor, it is a feeling that is generated within us. And feelings that has it’s origin within you cannot be someone else’s propriety, it’s your own and hence you have full command over it. It’s just that more often than not, we prefer to let it wander and let the world take control of it. Because most of us are not well equipped or trained to handle our feelings.

Most of us depend on others as a source happiness, or we try to find happiness in material things. Both of which does not work in our favour in the long run as we never find permanent happiness in them. So we keep shifting from one person to the other, and one thing to the other as soon as the utilitarian value of the previous person or thing diminishes. And we keep going until we reach the end of life or find the golden keys to the wisdom to take control of our happiness.

I am not here to impart the wisdom to achieve happiness, but to give you a place to start your journey towards it. We can all start this journey by getting into an understanding with ourselves on a few aspects of life, which makes it easier to get to where we want. Some of these aspects are listed below, it’s in no way an exhaustive list, but something to sow the seeds of happiness with.

  • Do not be attached to money, or value it more than for its utilitarian purpose.
  • understand that the whole world has an opinion, but ultimately it’s you who decides whether to be effected by it or not.
  • Just because everyone follows something doesn’t make it the truth, and treading your own path doesn’t make you a sinner.
  • Nobody is born for another, nobody is here in this world to fulfil your ideals of how he or she should be.
  • You are master of your own love, and you can give as much as you want but you cannot demand love from the other person, because nobody is a slave.
  • Pursue what makes you happy, even if it is judged by the world as trivial or time not well spent.
  • As long as it is not a life threatening situation it’s not something to be stressed about.
  • Time heals all wounds.

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