Let’s not prioritize honour over life

Sharing my thoughts after reading a disturbing story of honour killing. In this age and time its unfortunate that people confuse honour to be more important than life itself. They forget that honour is something humankind picked up over time, […]

Why I prefer to work with confident managers

Why confident managers? What difference does it make? Let me explain. Studies show that employed individuals spent on average 47 hours a week at work, so if you consider the working age to be between 21 and 60, then we spend approximately […]

Setting goals and achieving them

It’s the beginning of the year, and almost everyone would have a set of goals that they would like to achieve this year. But how many will actually succeed in making sure they achieve what they set out to do ? I […]

Tackling depression

Depression is not something that happens to a select few, everyone goes through depression in life. Some incidents of depression may be mild and some severe. Major depression definitely require some professional help, but there are ways to keep the […]