In a relationship, don’t confuse expectation with communication

In a relationship, don’t confuse expectation with communication

Relationships are always complex, because it involves two individuals who are completely different from each other. Despite this fact, we all make it work, and communication plays an important role in making it work. But as we get closer and closer to someone, we start building expectations about the other person. Our love for the other starts to generate this expectation, we expect them to behave in certain ways, we expect them to understand us without communicating what we want, we expect them to understand what we like and deslike and the list goes on. And once you start developing expectations the relationship starts to get even more complicated, you are now stepping into a dangerous territory and you are setting yourself up for feeling let down.

Unspoken words cannot be considered as communication, especially when its between a woman and a man. Both have completely different way of thinking, and you would know this from many different books on this subject. Expecting the other party in the relationship to act as per your wish without letting them know what it is that you wish, is like expecting to move a solid object by just looking at it. You may end up spending the whole of your life looking at that object and it wont move unless you have some super power. Relationships are similar, its a lot easier if you just let the other party know what is it that you are expecting the other person to do for you, it does not always needs to be verbal but it can be other modes of communication, but communicate. Dont confuse expectation for communication.

The below image from the web perfectly sums up how differently men and woman think.


So if you wake up feeling sick, let your partner know how sick you are and what is it that you expect him/her to do, otherwise your partner might think that you need a doctor first, but for you, may be all what you may need is some pampering, some breakfast cooked by your partner, and for him/ her to cuddle up.

If you are bored and is waiting to meet your partner to catch up with him/her, or go out with them, then be upfront about it, don’t rely only on hints, and experiment with words with double meaning. The first option will make it a better evening for both of you. You may feel that it takes the fun out of relationship, but if your expectation is not being met, then you are anyway headed for disaster.

Let’s agree that the humans hasn’t developed the capability to read minds yet, at least not the general public, so it is safe to assume that expectations doesn’t count as communication. So making a conscious effort to communicate will bring you the results that you want than sticking to your expectations.

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